The Round Rock Police Officers Association began the early 1980’s as a way for officers to socialize and share off duty time together. There were occasional fundraisers like BBQ cook offs that at one point were well known to raise money for various non-profits such as Blue Santa and the local VFW. In the 1990’s, Dell came to town and the Department began to grow rapidly which steered the Department into a thriving small agency beginning to see some of the challenges associated with such growth. However, the Association had not been able to maintain the social aspect and quickly dwindled to only about 10 paying members. Circa 1999, the department had to change and embrace the thriving community with new challenges. The Association was “re-born” with fresh leadership and a perspective towards supporting officers with issues like job protection, competitive compensation and legal representation for critical incidents or disciplinary action.


   This new era spawned the organization we know today, a supportive, organized and professional Officers Association. The 2000’s brought a new chief which changed the face of the Department in every aspect. The Association harnessed Charter Civil Service for job protection and due process of discipline, followed quickly by efforts to secure a competitive benefits package. As growth continued, so did the challenges of a changing workforce, higher standards and big city issues. Today officers enjoy job security through a Meet and Confer contract with the City, competitive benefits and superior legal protection for critical incidents and disciplinary issues. All of this was accomplished with the tireless dedication and effort of many officers who chose to lead the Officers Association and support those who serve this community.