Dear Community,

   As President of the Round Rock POA and on behalf of our members, thank you for your ongoing support of our organization.

   You may have heard that Round Rock is one of the safest cities in America – we’re proud of that accomplishment and grateful to be part of a strong community that looks out for each other. Every day, we are working in alliance with you to build a safe and prosperous community for generations to come. We are dedicated to building relationships with our community and with the charities that already have an impact on residents that need it most, and working on causes that are close to our officers..

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our new website. As technology continues to progress, we strive to create an atmosphere of transparency and communication with our local community members. This new, interactive website is a step toward that goal, and we hope that you find it useful. Please Contact Us if you have any feedback about content that you would like to see on this website or check out our donate page to help us support local Round Rock programs.