Yesterday, Assistant Chief Jim Stuart donated a new drum set and the POA donated $880 to purchase equipment to update the other two drum kits as part of the I Can Drum program. The I Can Drum program began in 2016 as a joint effort between Assistant Chief Jim Stuart and Ed Francis, owner of Round Rock Drums and Executive Director of Rhythm Workshops, a non-profit which works with at-risk youth. The program began at Berkman Elementary with Stuart and Francis mentoring the children through music once a week during the school enrichment period. The program expanded, through the Blue Guardian program, to include the Texas Baptist Children’s Home in 2018. Stuart and Francis have personally donated three complete drum sets and personally owned drum equipment between Berkman and TBCH. The program is successfully promoting a mentoring relationship between the police department and community and is providing at-risk youth with role models and a positive learning experience.

**Originally Posted Friday, 06 March 2020